Sorry to say but, After Glimmer’s acceptance we are on a female ban.

What this means: People may still send in applications for female characters while we are on this ban however, they will not be accepted until we got 3 more male characters. Remember, It is fine to play another character as well so, if you’re already in the roleplay and you’re interested in another character send an app in but you don’t need the para sample, I already know your writing ability. :]

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glimmerpayton asked: "Hi, it's Glimmer."

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peetamellark--rp asked: "Hey, I'm Peeta."

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Welcome! Please create the account you’d like to use for this character within 24 hours!

OOC Name: Jazmin                                                                                                           Age: 15                                                                                                                   Timezone: AEST (Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney)                                                                                   How often you are on: 4 days a week (sorry if that’s not enough L)                                                                                      Character Name: Glimmer Payton                                                                                                                                               Is there another role you would like in case someone else is accepted for the role you want?: Finnick Odair.                                                                                                                                                                        Ships: I don’t honestly mind (DON’T JUDGE ME)

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Anonymous asked: "How long do we wait until the auditions on app count will be accepted?"

24 Hours, Those from last night will be accepted right now. :]

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Welcome to the roleplay! Please create the account you would like to use for this character within 24 hours!

OOC Name: Joyce

Age: 14

Role Applying For: Peeta Mellark

Is there another role you would like in case someone else is accepted for the role you want?: Finnick Odair

Timezone: AEST (Melbourne, Canberra, Sydney)

How many times per week can you be on: Everyday 

Ships: Everlark, Clato

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Instead of posting a schedule for every character here is what I would like all of you to do.

Since I see that most of you are on once a day just post what you’d like your characters scheduled to be for that day. If you see another character has dance class the same day plan a para with them. Or, write a self para that perhaps someone can reply to. This will be a good way for everyone to get introduced to each other while we wait for more of the male characters. 

Let me know if you have any questions.


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I just want to accept the new people now but~

Fair is fair and I need to wait incase anyone else is planning on auditioning.

Check the app count if you’re curious as to what apps we have waiting.

Also, If you aren’t in the OOC blog yet please open your submit box so I can send you a link.

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Anonymous asked: "Is Glimmer available?"


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primrose-littleduck-everdeen asked: "Prim Here (:"

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