Rory Hawthorne

↳Max Schneider|Seventeen|Junior|Bi-Sexual|Open

Rory always knew he was talented. His mother praised him from a very young age. Growing up in a large family was hard but they had it very well until his father died. He almost had to leave the school but they had worked out a deal with the school if all of his siblings attended where they would get some kind of discount and of course Rory qualified for many scholarships. He seems to be good at everything he does and he looks up to his older brother Gale so naturally like him he tends to be a ladies man. He can often be seen around the grassy areas of the campus playing his ukulele. Other than his favorite instrument he is happy singing and dancing and he takes many more of those classes than he does academic classes. He is glad that no one questions him about his academics because he is embarrassed that he is terrible at math. He gets by well enough to keep his grade up so he can stay in the school but he is often late to after class activities because he had to stay after classes and work on his math grades.

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